Pirate Babe Model Search
I be lookin' fer some hot wenches fer me Pirate Babe Calendar.

I have already finished the 2012 calendar, but will begin working on the 2013 calendar in Sept 2011 until Jan 2012. Please take a look at the 2010 models to get an idea of what I am looking for. If you are interested please e-mail me the info below or visit me at one of the pirate events. Read how I create an image.

E-mail me:
- 2 to 3 good headshot of you (jpgs under 1 mg. file size)
- 2 to 3 good full body shots of you
- Stats: height, measurement + cup size, weight, dress size, shoe size

Answer these Questions:
- Do you have a pirate costume?
- Do you have any modeling or pirate experience?
- Can you come down to my studio in St Augustine, Florida
- Where you are coming from?
- Let me know if you are open to doing a nude pirate babe images

- No Cash Payment
- CD of all images
- One Fine Art Print
- Copies of Calendar
- Molly Roger tanktop, flag, stickers
- Tiger's DigeroticArt Book

3 things I consider:
- Good Looks: 18-35 years old, under 150 pounds, long hair, no French Nails or glitter.
- Good Costume: no required, but a big plus. Authentic stuff, no polyester halloween outfit or stuff with the Jolly Roger on it. Belonging to a pirate group is also another plus.
- Good Expressions & Poses: Smiles aren't needed but sexy snarl and killer eyes are. Flexiblity of torso and strength in arms to hold heavy sword and flintlocks.
- As pirates treasure big chests, you need to be at least a B+/C- bra cup size or larger.

I will photography 15-16 girls but only use 12 in the calendar. You are required to help me promote the calendar & attend at lease one event with me. I spend about 20 hours on each Hot Pirate Babe image, only about 3 to 4 hour on the photo shoot.

- I am only available to shoot on Sun to Thu (sunday being the worst day, but available if you can only do a weekend). Schedule to arrive at my store at 4 pm for costuming and make up. No glitter or nail polish. Do bring your hair & make up kit, as you will be doing it yourself. You are required to bring tall dark boots. We want to ready to shoot at 6pm, when I close down my pirate store to the public. We will finish by 9:30pm.